Ch. Taichung Kokoro of Niji or Mr. Miyagi as we call him, is Niji Shibas first AKC Champion of
Record. He is also our first Therapy dog and Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

Always the people lover, he just loves every one. He's is not happy unless he is in the middle of
everything.  Sweet as sugar, I couldn't have asked for a nicer boy.

Miyagi is a joy to show. His movement is flawless and he shows like a dream. He also has a great
attitude and just loves to show.

Of all the Shibas I've had, Mr. M has to be the funniest. He cocks his head if you ask him if he wants a
cookie and he also sometimes sleeps with all his paws in the air. He also loves to tell the girls when it's
time to eat, the highlight of his day! He is the only Shiba I know that winds his way around my legs as
tho he were a cat! Silly boy!

10-27-2010 - Back in May, Mr. M was diagnosed as having a baseball-sized tumor on his spleen. He
was given a life-saving emergency splenectomy & is now doing wonderfully! I'm guessing that was the
reason for his behavior at Westminster. There, he wasn't feeling well & just didn't want to be there. For
this reason, I have decided to enter him in Westminster one last time. He's looking great (although he is
currently blowing coat) & is in great condition & is very healthy. He proved he still "got it" in Sept when
he took 1st in his Vet Sweeps class at our Regional Specialty, & again at AKC's Meet The Breeds in
October at the Jacob Javits Center in NYC. There, he was a great Shiba ambassador. Always the people
dog, he greeted thousands of people & got lots of love and attention.
AKC Judge Mr. J. Donald Jones awarding Me &
Mr. M Winners Dog for 2 points - Yippee!!  :-)
Rachel & Mr.Miyagi
Mr. Miyagi's  Pedigree
Mr. Miyagi at about 12 weeks old.
This picture of Miyagi appeared in Cigar Aficionado
magazine in I think March 1998. Miyagi was about 5
months old
This is one of my favorite pictures of Mr. Miyagi.
I took it in our backyard.

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M I Y A G I ' S   P A G E
(Ch. Taichung's Kokoro of Niji, CGC)
Photo taken by Joe & Tara Darling of Darling
Photography at the Hunterdon Hills KC Show in 2006
AP Photo of Mr. Miyagi at Westminster in 2008
This is one of my favorite head
shots of Mr. Miyagi from
Westminster 2011. He was is in
great shape still at 13 1/2 yrs
I so LOVE this pic of Miyagi! I don't know how they
got it!! This pic appeared on the Sports Illustrated
website of 2011 in the Westminster album. It was the
3rd pic in the album.

Somehow, it also ended up going viral on Facebook!
Someone added the words - it wasn't me.
How can u NOT love this face!
Mr. Miyagi's very last show
(except Westminster in 2011)
Rockland County KC -
February 27th, 2010
Thanks to Judge Mr. Ray
Burgos, for the nice win. Mr.
Burgos has since passed away.